Mary Saint-Marie

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Mary in Lilacs

Mary Saint-Marie knew a great stillness and inner joy from her first one to three years, sitting quietly, with no speaking. Her life was a smile. This was done in the middle of a home  life with an alcoholic mom and dad.

Around four years old,  Mary found nature and the soul joy of that. Through school and college much of that began to wane, as the left brain was trained and programmed and became dominant. Joy began to fade.

At age 29 (1971) Mary had a near death experience during a head on collision that opened her to the Realm of Soul. Pure Soul Joy. Many revelations came upon her. Inner vision, feeling and hearing began to open. Music of the Spheres, Music of the Angels. Visions.

The expansion in Consciousness and the revelations became the foundation for the next 50 years of expressions of that Illumined Joy.  The mysticism took many expressions for decades. Mystic Art-of-the Soul, sculpture, poetry, passages, parables, multimedia and multidimensional performances and dance. Soul Sessions, Holy Sight workshops, Sounds of Soul, and retreats. Home Gallery. Ancient Beauty Studio. Fourteen published books. And over 150 mystic, sacred, visionary art exhibitions. And the creation of EarthCareGlobalTV with over 350 earth care documentaries for the World Birth.

In 1981, Mary had a 9 hour meditation that opened to the Pure Consciousness, the I Am Awareness. That experience caused a further break through in many of the human beliefs and conditions and limitations.  It prepared the way to work with many awakening ones from around the world. To help  them prepare for their work during the great Awakening. 

The World Birth of Divine Consciousness. 

There have been many inner plane transmissions and visitations…to assist to play this part of the World Birth.

Longer versions of Mary’s biography may be found in some of her books. In some she speaks of how single focus on the Christ Consciousness, Presence, the Holy Spirit, opened the door to many teachings through transmissions, visitations and via multi-dimensions, mansions, realms, archetypes and beyond. 


Mary is aware that True Mysticism is available to all by going on the Journey of Withinness. Through Inner Listening. And through aligning with the One that IS. It is our true inheritance.  And it is practical. The Mystical AS the Practical.

Mysticism is simply a way of saying One with Spirit. It is what is there with a Transparent Mind. The Undivided One. Love IS!


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Additional information may be sent upon request. Listed are exhibitions, galleries, and TV interviews since 1972. Included also will be the books and web sites that feature the art and work of Mary Saint-Marie.