Mary Saint-Marie

Mary Saint-Marie offers sessions, retreats and workshops.
More information on the work listed below may be emailed or mailed upon request.

Mary Saint-Marie inspires, catalyzes and initiates others nationally and internationally since 1988, to come into an awareness of the Presence of Oneness. Mary sits in the Silence to assist in the activation of that Consciousness.

Mary assists others to come into their own direct knowing of the Oneness. She assists others to be aware of and to feel Creator as Creation.

No separation.  She assists others to access the Holy Presence, Universal Soul, that Consciousness which is the Wordless and Nameless One.

Mary also assists others to birth and land their Soul Mission, their inner Vision and Calling.

Soul Sessions
(one hour in person or by phone or email)

Soul Remembering Retreats
(half day work in person)

(one day workshops with art exhibit)

Sounds and Signings of the Soul
(individual or group sharings)

Initiations into the Ancient Yin-Yang Circle
(individual sharing)

Art of the Soul
(mystical art exhibits upon request)

Ceremonial Enactments of Ancient Remembering
(multi-media presentations)

All work with Mary Saint-Marie is offered in Mt.Shasta, California. Mary works in person, by phone or by email.

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