Mary Saint-Marie

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions

Sessions of great caring were already being given spontaneously to mother, older sister and friends, by high school years. Mary  held sacred space for ones that were suffering.

That ability came and went during various stages of teen age and professional life of high school and college English Teaching.

By 1985, about four years after a near death experience, Mary began to receive many calls for spiritual help. 

At that time Mary began dividing her time between mystic art, poetry, writing and Soul Sessions.  This Soul Work increased via word of mouth and referral.

Mary works with ones from around the nation and world. She has  worked with many, including leaders in many fields: healers, teachers, scientists, facilitators, writers, business owners, psychologists, artists, inspirational healers, etc.

About The Soul Sessions

The Soul Sessions are different for each person. Mary is able to  find the point of entry of a person, so as to begin from ‘where the person is’.  There is silence, meditation, transmission, practices, etc.

It is a profound and sacred Journey of Consciousness that is upon us al!.

Spiritual Identity is learned and practiced. From there, one begins to become aware of the beliefs, barriers, blocks, limitations and habits of thought that come from a core belief in a life in separation from the True Self. That belief is seen as the bringer of fear and thus a life that is not authentic. It keeps one in duality.

Once there is identification with the Light Body, Soul Body, Presence, Spirit, the Christ, many changes begin to happen. They are individual for each person, for we are the Individualized Expression of The One.

The Undivided One.

In that Self-Identification with the Light of Consciousness, the illumined
wholeness begins to shine through in many ways. The effects of Spiritual Identification may be healing on any part of our body and mind and/or in our work, relationships, family, etc.

One then begins to be aware of Grace. Of a living Beauty.

One becomes aware that we are One Living Consciousness manifest as
One Living Organism. 

One becomes aware of the One Life as a Sacred Flow.

One becomes aware that we are Pure I Am Awareness.

The One come AS the Many.

The Unmanifest AS the manifest.

This Realization changes everything.

For anyone who has studied the Human Design, Mary is a Reflector. Mary uses that gift to help others to reside in their True Identity. The Essential Self. The Undivided One. The Oneness.

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